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Want to get fit but don’t know how?! Have pounds to shed but want to have fun while getting fit?! So many fitness classes to choose from you just can’t decide?! Twirl has all the answers!!

Twirls’ 8 week fun and energetic Dancercise course lets you try out all the fitness trends in just one course! Each week is designed to work your body by toning it up and burning the calories in a fun and relaxed environment!

Week 1 + 2

Tone up with Pole Fitness!

Week 3 + 4

Get street-cred with Adult Street Dance.

Week 5 + 6

Have the ‘feel good’ workout with Hoop Fitness.

Week 7 + 8

Burn the calories with Kick Boxercise.

What to wear

Your usual gym wear that enables movement and stretching.


8 week course, one hour class: €100


Street Dance

Pole Fitness

feel fabulous | Tone Up | Lose Weight | Learn Sassy Moves