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Twirl your way to a fitter body with our 8 week Hoop Fitness course!

The 1950's break-through is back! This is the ultimate 'Feel Good Fitness' relieving you of the stresses of the day. Our low impact workout will increase your flexibility, improve co-ordination, posture and balance and boost cardiovascular endurance. Burn up to 750 calories in just one lesson with this fun workout, speeding weight loss. Work all your major muscle groups sculpting thighs, hips, bum, arms and waist. Giving you a leaner more toned physique. Our specially designed weighted hula hoops allow you to work at different levels of difficulty so the class is suitable for beginner or advanced fitness levels..

Give your stomach the ultimate workout and get that flat stomach you always dreamed or Learn to navigate the hoop using feeling instead of sight or thought. Hooping on your torso, arms, legs and off the body in arcs, spins and jumps

Classes are one and half hours long with a short aerobic warm up, loosening the body and muscles. The rest of the class is spent learning new hoop moves, finishing with a short cool down. The aim of our course is fun and fitness; bring back the child within. All our Hula Hoop Fitness instructors are fully trained, certified instructors

What to wear

At the beginning of each class there will be a short warm up,your usual Gym wear is advised for this part of the session.

All our courses are based around a workout designed to help you lose weight, tone up and have fun!

Hula Hoop fitness is all about having Fun while working out - So comfortable Clothing & Runners are recommended. We supply the Hula Hoop !!

Our Twirl online store has some suggestions of the type of clothing suitable for all our courses.


8 weeks, one hour class: €100
Workshops: €20











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